Mother of Cities

I’ve said it before, but I’m somewhat obsessed at the moment with the history of the Byzantine Empire.

It comes as no surprise then that I’m enamoured of this project:

Byzantium 1200 is an effort to digitally reconstruct the city of Constantinople (originally called Byzantium, hence the title; and now known as Istanbul) as it would have been in 1200AD (just before the Fourth Crusade and the Latin conquest).

It should be noted however that the reconstruction does not take into account calamities that had befallen the city prior to 1200 – famine, war, plague, earthquakes, fires and numerous sieges, along with the general wear and tear of time and occupancy would have left the city looking less than pristine.

Thus, Byzantium 1200 is more an attempt to construct Constantinople as it should have looked in 1200AD, I guess you’d say.

Still very cool though.

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Ethan Reilly is an author and blogger who lives in Brisbane, Australia. Did he mention he blogs?
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