All Hail the Conquering Scots!

So, it’s finally finished…

medieval2 2013-11-29 15-27-58-56

By which I mean my Medieval 2: Total War Grand Campaign – the same one I’ve been playing for months (in-between work, life, and all the rest of that important stuff that seems to take up so much time). There’s something maddeningly compelling about the journey to world domination – you could call it an obsession, especially in the case of people like me who are loath to leave anything unfinished, even something as trivial (by some standards) as a video game.

I probably didn’t pick the best civilisation to go at it with – Scotland starts out in an unenviable position, having to contest the isle of Britain with the more versatile English; and their recruitment roster leaves something to be desired, even with their pikemen leading the way. Trying to combat the likes of the Mongols and Timurids in the late game was supremely difficult without any quality cavalry units to speak of, but we got there… Mostly through adopting a defensive posture and allowing the steppe-factions to come to us.

Over-all, I’m pleased. So now what…?

Start a new campaign, I guess.

Go figure.

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