On the Horizon

It’s called ‘The Killing Place.’ And it’s a novella.

“A novella!?” I hear you cry…

That’s right. A novella. Somewhere between a short story and a novel. Which means, unfortunately, finding a publication market for it has proven very, very difficult. I’ve been trying fruitlessly for a few months now, and while I’ve only managed a couple of rejection letters the list of publications that won’t even consider it because it’s either too short or too long is seemingly endless.

That’s why I’ve decided to serialise it here, instead. I could keep trying, but frankly I’d rather see it revealed to the light of day (and possibly, judgement) so I can move on. And the truth is, as good as I think it is, I don’t know if it is that good.

So, if you’re interested in free fantasy fiction – a story full of action, blood and a little bit of magic – then stay tuned.

About ethanreilly

Ethan Reilly is an author and blogger who lives in Brisbane, Australia. Did he mention he blogs?
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