And He Didn’t Think It Too Much!

Found myself thinking about Slaine today – can’t say why…

Slaine is the creation of writer Pat Mills and various artists (originally Angela Kincaid, currently Clint Langley) and has been a regular feature in 2000AD (the serial-comic book anthology, not the year!) since 1983.

One-time High King of prehistoric/mythological Ireland, Slaine MacRoth’s adventures clearly fall into the historical-fantasy genre – heavily skewed towards the ‘fantasy’ end of that equation.

Back when I read comics, I used to read 2000AD with some relish – it was one of those publications that never treated its readers like children (probably because many of the stories published within each issue dealt with a myriad of mature, complex issues – and also there’s a fair-helping of serious violence and horror on display). And Slaine was one of my favourites – it’s hard not to like a fearless Celtic berserker righting wrongs and kicking ass, even if he is a little too-much in the mold of one Conan the Cimmerian (some might argue).

At any rate, if any of this sounds like your sort of thing, you can always check out the link below, and decide for yourself whether you want to start telling people “Kiss my axe!”:

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