An author says what?

Author or writer – for the most part, terms that are interchangeable.

Without delving too deeply into the shadowy realm of semantics, these two words mean almost the same thing:

A writer is anybody who writes.

An author is someone who creates.

Therefore, I am both a writer and an author.

You’ll notice on this blog though I distinctly identify myself as an author. Why? Because another definition of an author is someone who gets ‘paid’ to write (at least that’s how I’ve always defined it).

Don’t worry – I’m not being paid to spin the web of excellence that is this blog: it’s all for the love, people!

But, by my own definition, I am, tenuously, an author. I have accepted monetary reward for my hack-worthy prose in the past. I won’t tell you where or when, because I published under a different name (that one time!) and I don’t want to confuse things, but there it is.

I don’t consider myself special. There’s a ton of authors out there, many of whom are hugely talented and dwarf over me with their epic word-skills. And there are just as many writers besides, people who do it for the love, not the reward. I respect both groups, and am proud to count myself amongst them.

Bravo, writers (and authors)!

So, that’s why I call myself an author. In case you were wondering (but you probably weren’t).


About ethanreilly

Ethan Reilly is an author and blogger who lives in Brisbane, Australia. Did he mention he blogs?
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